Cannonfire is a single-player action roguelite set on the high seas. An unknown curse has spread endless waves of undead pirates to roam the seven seas, attacking anyone in sight. Only you can battle the undead hordes and survive to tell the tale!

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More Polydus projects:

Boats & Banners

A cool little turn-based strategy game for android!

Escher Generator

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Escher Generator is a simple tool that you can use to create Escher patterns and save them as images.

Code Formatter

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Code Formatter is a simple Spring web app that allows you to:

  • Beautify/minify JSON
  • Convert JSON to XML and back
  • Convert clear text to Base64, binary (ASCII) or hex

Ultra Solitaire

The #1 classic Solitaire card game on Android. Features 1- or 3-card drawing, and Standard or Vegas scoring. Click the button below to play!

Ultra Reversi

Enjoy playing the best Classic Reversi (AKA Othello) game on Android! Click the button below to play!

HexTiles Library

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A Kotlin library used for creating hex-based tile maps, for use in strategy games or mapping tools. Used in Boats & Banners!

Endless Tank War!

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An awesome little tank free-for-all battle arena!

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