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Update 1.1.2: Artillery Ships!

April 6, 2019 by Leonard van Buren

Alpha 1.1.2 adds a new unit: the Artillery Ship! It takes down units from a distance, and can take down tiles that are protected by a Stockade. You need an upgraded dock to build them. Here's what it looks like:

Bnb Image

Many more things have changed, but you'll have to play the game to see them for yourself! Here's the full list of improvements and fixes:


Patch 1.1.2 Notes

  • Added new Artillery Ship unit
  • Added unique Banner bonuses
  • Flagship can now be rebuilt when lost
  • More types of hidden temples
  • Changed the unit select animation
  • Improved various unit and tile sprites
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes all text turned red
  • Fixed a bug where some prices were displayed incorrectly

Update 1.1.1: Experience, Perks and more!

March 3, 2019 by Leonard van Buren

Lots of changes today in Boats & Banners-land! The main improvement this time is the new level-up system. Units will now gain experience points when they kill units, create new Colonies or discover resources. As they level up, they will unlock Perks that make them stronger, faster or more versatile. You can see a unit level up after sinking an enemy ship here:

Bnb Image

In addition, the function of the Stockade building is different. It will now protect a Colony from being flagged by an enemy player. Advanced ships can now only be built by improving the Dock building (instead of the Stockade), which makes more sense in any case.

I also fixed every bug that has been reported/found so far, including one where the 'continue game' function didn't work properly if you won before the 30 turn limit. Here's a full list of bug fixes/improvements:


Patch 1.1.1 Notes

  • Units now gain Experience points, and can choose various Perks as they level up
  • Stockades now protect against an enemy's flags
  • Added an upgrade for the Dock building
  • Repairs are now quicker at friendly Docks
  • Scout ships have improved vision range
  • Rebalanced various unit stats and prices
Bug Fixes
  • 'Continue Game' button now works properly
  • Fixed an issue where a unit's health/ap bar didn't always appear
  • Repair button now always displays correctly

Update 1.1: Coloured text!

January 31, 2019 by Leonard van Buren

You can now change the AI's difficulty level and choose your colour when starting a new game! They have no real effect yet, as all players have the same abilities. This will change in the next update though.

I also added some more animations and improved sprites, including coloured text. That seems like a minor upgrade, but it was actually really annoying to add. There's also a new patch notes screen in-game, which looks like this:

Bnb Image


Patch 1.1 Notes

  • When starting a new game, you can now change your colour and the AI's difficulty levels
  • Ships can now be repaired manually
  • Improved many sprites
  • Flags are now animated
  • Added coloured text

Update 1.0.9: Ghost ships begone!

January 16, 2019 by Leonard van Buren

This time, the ghost ship issue really is fixed. Before this update, when a ship sank outside of the player's vision, the sprite would not be removed. These phantom ships would then stay around forever. Not a good thing! I expect to never see them ever again :).

Other than that, this update introduces the concept of Cargo, which ships leave behind when killed. This can be anything from free resources to a flag! You can collect them by moving a unit over them.

I also changed the background from a just solid grey to a starry background with parallax scrolling, which turned out pretty neat. This is what it looks like:

Bnb Image


Patch 1.0.9 Notes

Gameplay / graphical changes
  • Units now leave resources behind when killed
  • Improved some sprites
Bug fixes
  • 'Ghost ships' should now no longer appear

Boats & Banners Alpha 1.0.8 release!

December 26, 2018 by Leonard van Buren

This patch fixes all bugs that have been reported! Most notably, the issue where units would still appear after they're dead is fixed. Also added some new sprites, and made a few graphical improvements!

Patch Notes

Gameplay / graphical changes
  • You can now continue playing a game after a victory or defeat
  • Improved the end turn button
Bug fixes
  • 'Ghost ships' should now no longer appear
  • Fixed a bug where borders sometimes didn't appear correctly

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